Studio Continuous Softbox Light

2x Continuous Softbox Light
2x Lighting Stands
2x Softbox


Godox Studio Continuous Softbox Light

The Godox studio continuous softbox light is a prime piece of equipment for those who want to add professionalism to their work. The studio lights will give your workflow a strong boost with you having much more control over your lighting. This will benefit you regardless of whether you are a photographer or a videographer. This is a cheap lighting setup is the best way to invest in your work.

The studio lighting setup is of high quality and simple. There are two setups to give you continuous lighting on different angles, which makes your subjects pop out. The setups include two softboxes to soften the light and make it look more even and gentle. Each softbox has its own continuous softbox light with a combined power output of 540 watts. This is more than enough for the majority types of work. There are two stands that can be extended to different lengths to further adjust lighting angles.

The applications of these lighting setups are for both photography and video. If you are planning to start out on Youtube this is a strong Youtube light setup with ample power and control for multiple studio settings, whether they are simple rooms to wider spaces. If you are a portrait photographer having continuous lighting will instantly improve your work as your subjects will pop out and come to life.

Package Include:

Continuous Softbox Light
Lighting Stands

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