A mirrorless camera is such which does not have a reflex mirror. Light passes directly to the sensor which allows you to adjust the image lighting and everything before shooting.

However, mirrorless cameras are easier to use as they are slimmer and light-weighted. One can shoot more images back to back with such kind of a camera. This is possible because mirrorless cameras have a higher per-second shoot rate as well as higher shutter speed. The lack of a mirror in these cameras allows the user to take more back-to-back images. Also, other than the high-end DSLR’s mirrorless cameras do have an advantage when it comes to shooting. They are not only fast and easy to use but also provide good image quality.

However, they also have a few drawbacks such as battery life and electronic viewfinder. The battery capacity is getting better but as of now are still big issues with these cameras. They drain the battery at a very fast rate. They also lack in selecting the lens of the same body, only a few selective lenses can be used in one camera body. They have a downfall when it comes to a low-light environment. They are better when it is ample light or where there is natural lighting but in low-light areas. They lack in terms of quality.

Regardless of these issues, some people still prefer mirrorless cameras over DSLRs due to their slim size and easy-to-use nature.

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