Privacy Policy

At Al Imran Electronics Store your Privacy and data are a major concern for us, and our efforts are directed towards keeping your data safe and secure. The following is information about data that our site collects, uses, and discloses (under certain circumstances) information.

The privacy policy explains what means we use to protect your data and personal information. It also discusses how your data is collected, used, or disclosed. When you visit our site and use its services you accept our privacy policy and our right to modify, change, or add parts of the privacy policy as we see fit. If you are concerned about your data usage it is advised that you regularly visit our privacy policy for any changes. Any changes to the privacy policy are considered effective immediately as they are updated on the website. If you continue to use the site after the changes, you accept the changes done to the privacy policy.

We greatly value your privacy concerns, and therefore will only use your data according to the methods outlined in this privacy policy. We only ask you for the information required to make your shopping experience smooth.

We will only keep your information for as long as we are either required to by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

We store your information only for as long as either required by law or in relevance for the purpose for which you provided us the information. You are not required to provide any personal information to browse the site. You can browse the site anonymously as long as you do not log in to your account. We are not able to identify you at any point otherwise.

What data we collect

We tend to collect miscellaneous information some examples being your name, delivery address, email id, phone numbers, and your preferred payment method whenever you order something from our site.

This information is stored for processing any orders you may have placed and in case of future claims. Your personal info is used to verify your account and your payment details. This information also comes in handy for keeping track of your financial transactions with us. Some other uses of the information could be to better understand your browsing habits and interests and tailoring the site accordingly to suit your needs.

We may send you emails regarding any of our offers and promotions if we notice that they may be of interest to you. This is still optional; you may choose to opt-out of getting promotional offers by unsubscribing to our emails.

Please also note that we may share the collected information to third-party organizations (such as our distributors and courier companies) to ensure smooth product delivery to you. It is therefore crucial that you provide us with accurate information and update any of these components to ensure no issues arise later on.

We cannot directly retrieve your order details for security purposes. You however have access to this information via your onsite account. When logged in you can view your order details, all your personal and financial information, and the status of your order. You are personally responsible for keeping your personal information (included but not limited to username and passwords) confidential and not disclosing it unless required by law. We will only claim responsibility for any data breach or misuse if it is our genuine fault.

Other Uses of your Personal Information

We may use your personal information to send you tailored promotions, new products, details about our partners and other information we deem may be of interest to you. You may still choose to unsubscribe to these. In case you opt out the promotional emails will be stopped within seven days. However, we may still contact you if we believe that the instructions you provided were unclear.


It is not compulsory for you to accept cookies in order to browse the site. However, enabling cookies will allow you to use all of the features available on the site. If you choose not to accept cookies, you will not be able to use the basket function and therefore will not be able to order products from the site. Cookies are text files store on the internet browser in your computer and help us to identify your specific computer and what pages you have visited without signing in to your account. This also helps us in recognizing your Internet Protocol address, and thus speeds up the process by giving you personalized offers and products. We do not use cookies to post targeted ads or to get your information for any other purpose than those stated above. You may disable cookies at your own accord but will limit site features as a consequence. Cookies we use are free of viruses and malware. To learn more about cookies and how they work, please visit:

Our site makes use of Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by ‘Google Inc.’ This also makes use of cookies, that help us in learning how you like to use the site and its features. Google Analytics makes use of cookies to collect various pieces of information including but not limited to IP address, which is then sent to the Google servers based in the United States. Furthermore, information collected via cookies will be used to compile reports about your site usage and activities. By using this site you accept that your data will be assessed by Google in the fashion described above.


Our site makes use of some latest technologies and security measures to ensure that your data remains secure. Our security policies focus on preventing any unauthorized or unlawful access to personal data, and to reduce any chances of accidental loss, damage, or corruption of your information. Your data
collected by us is stored in our servers which is secured by strong firewall policies. However, as a consequence of this security policy, you may occasionally have to provide proof of identity before we allow you access to any of your personal information.

Please note that you are solely responsible for the security of your personal devices and for maintaining the confidentiality of information such as your username and password and other sensitive account details

Your Rights

You reserve the right to the personal information you provide us, and you will always have access to the information you have provided. You can also request the website to correct any obsolete or incorrect information free of cost. Finally, you also have the complete right to request us to stop using your data for any direct marketing purposes.