Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the designated timings for the store?

The following times are when the store features such as order confirmation calls and the store phone number will be operational

Is the option for Cash on Delivery available?

Yes, Cash on Delivery is available on all our products. However, some products which have higher pricing may require full advanced payments if you opt for the cash on delivery. In such cases, a bank payment would be more advisable.

What accounts do you need to transfer your payments to

Accounts for Hashmi Photos in MCB and Bank Al Habib are stated below:also your send payments on Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa Account.

Can the pricing of the products you have ordered change?

Prices quoted on the website are always correct, however, despite this, it may be possible that the prices of products may immediately fluctuate due to market forces such as the Forex rate or taxes. While this is rare, our highest priority is to ensure that you get the correct pricing as soon as we are updated about our price list. Hashmi Photos reserves the right to make immediate changes to prices without any prior notice. In the case that the price fluctuates and your order has not been confirmed, the old price will become invalid. We would advise you to always confirm your bill on the confirmation call to avoid any kind of miscommunication.

How Should I to Contact if I Have Any Queries?

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What is the process of ordering a product online?

Hashmi Photos is working to make the online payment procedure as smooth as possible for its customers. Generally, when you place an order with us, we will
immediately call you for confirmation. When the order is confirmed and the payment method has been processed, the order will be dispatched. Delivery of the order may
depend on factors such as order processing, payment option selected, and the transit time by the courier service. Usually, this whole process takes 1-2 business days.

Why should i write a customer review on my purchase experience

We would like to hear more from you, it helps us to improve the customer journey experience. Other than this it also gives other customers genuine advice about the products allowing them to make more informed purchase decisions. To submit your reviews you can go on to the product you purchased and write your review there. We would advise you to be as truthful as possible, whether the experience is good or not.

Some general advice for writing reviews

Be specific and concise: While we appreciate you doing into the detail of the matter, try not to deviate from the major point that you are trying to make. The ideal word length can range from as little as 50 to 500 words long.

Tell us why you liked or disliked the product:

While you are discussing the matter tell us what in the product made it good or bad and why this factor makes the
difference for you. This would Be as honest as possible: We encourage our customers to tell us the real matter, we do not remove any critical reviews. On the other hand, we would appreciate them as they would tell us what needs to be corrected. A dissatisfied customer is the greatest source of learning and at Hashmi Photos we hope to keep our customers satisfied.

What kind of content is not right for posting in reviews

Hashmi Photos is not just an online store, it is a platform to discuss opinions and ideas too. While we are delighted to hear from you, we however do have some criteria based on which we allow reviews to be posted. You will be limited to posting only one review per product, if you post more Hashmi Photos has the right to remove the latter reviews

We have the right to remove any reviews that include the following content:

Promotional content or advertisements, Repeated comments making the same point, Vulgar and hateful comments and remarks, reviews by publishers, manufacturers or the products themselves, phone numbers, addresses and emails other than any belonging to Hashmi Photos, promotional of illegal or immoral content, Solicitations for votes, and comments on other reviews on the page.